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Music with headache

If the headache worries rarely and once, then to cope with it will help to take an anesthetic pill

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Shooting headache

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Headache during sleep

Usually, such attacks just make you wake up, and do not deprive you of sleep for the whole night.

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Why does the headache

Throughout the world, one of the most common ailments in a person is headache or cephalalgia.

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Pain of forehead and eyes

Headache is the main and powerful signal that sends the affected organ to the host.

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Tensor headache

This means that the head hurts from stress, which is caused by

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What side effects can occur with Imitrex (sumatriptan)

Sumatriptan (trade name, inter alia, Imitrex®) unfolds its effect in acute migraine attack via influencing various messenger substances in the brain. On the one hand pain and other migraine symptoms are alleviated, but on the other hand it can also lead to side effects.

Relatively often (more than 1% of those treated):
Nausea and vomiting (unwanted stimulation of the "crushing center" in the brain)
"nervous symptoms" on the skin such as tingling or pain
"nervous phenomena" in the body (feeling of pressure in the chest or neck, hot flushes)
nasal spray: unpleasant taste in the mouth, nosebleed
Rarer side effects
In addition, there are many, rarer side effects, of which we mention just a few:

Dizziness and dizziness
red, hot head
stiff neck
strong tiredness
Blood pressure fluctuations
Slow heartbeat, but also tachycardia and cardiac arrhythmia
In rare cases, treatment with sumatriptan has also caused severe vision problems, seizures and myocardial infarction. Sumatriptan must not be taken because of its vasoconstrictive effect in patients with circulatory problems or after a previous heart attack.

A complete list of all documented side effects can be found in the instruction leaflet.

It is important to know that excessive use of sumatriptan may even increase the symptoms of permanent headache. It is therefore important to follow exactly the instructions of the doctor


Every year more and more people are faced with the fact that when the weather changes, the head hurts. Especially this unpleasant state annoys the eve of the rain. Why does this happen? The answer to this and other questions related to the occurrence of a headache before the weather change, we will consider in this article.

Headache and meteosensitivity

The onset of a headache is associated with impaired functioning of the nervous system. The reasons for this can be very diverse, from natural physical or moral fatigue to serious diseases. Sometimes headaches are signs of the disease, and sometimes they indicate the development in the body of very different disorders.

In medicine, primary and secondary headaches are distinguished. The first, are much less common than the latter. They, as a rule, are of a cluster nature, and most often arise as a reaction of the body to fatigue, emotional or nervous overstrain, stress, and so on. Secondary same pains are signs of multiple diseases that a person can face.

The data of medical statistics show that almost half of the world population is familiar with the headache, and in the modern world about 20% of children under 10 years old are affected by this illness.

It should be noted that people suffering from headaches noticeably reduced the quality of life, official medicine says.

The phrase "headache before rain" is quite common. With such an unpleasant state, people who suffer from meteosensitivity are confronted. You can also hear the terms "meteorological" or "meteorological dependence". What it is? This is the body's response to weather changes, expressed by changes in the psyche and the appearance of pain syndromes. This sensitivity affects more than half of the world's population, but it is noted that women suffer more from weather changes than men. And in childhood, the weather can affect children up to five years regardless of the sex of the child

The causes of meteosensitivity

The reaction of the body to changes in weather conditions is expressed not only by headache, but also by a decrease in the protective functions of the body, and also exacerbations of chronic diseases are possible. These disorders occur because as a result of fluctuations in atmospheric pressure, the work of the cardiovascular system, the tone of veins, arteries, and blood pressure parameters change. As a rule, such changes are typical for people who have a history of a number of diseases. But with the concept of meteosensitivity, absolutely healthy people can also face when the weather changes very sharply and has signs of natural disasters.

On a change of weather, usually those who are observed:

mental disorder;
hormonal disorders.
Also, from the changes in the atmosphere, the state of well-being depends on those who recently had a serious illness, underwent a surgical operation, and experienced a strong emotional shock. Headaches before the change of the weather are typical for people with skull injuries, diseases of the cardiovascular system, problems with joints and spine.

When taking steroid drugs, the meteosensitivity of the body is greatly enhanced.

Poor state of health when changing weather occurs because of a sharp reduction in the level of oxygen in the blood, which affects the tone of the vessels. In the future, the adhesion of red blood cells, which leads to thrombosis.

When the weather conditions change, the nerve endings are irritated, and this changes the heart rate and blood pressure.

The sharp warming that brings a warm atmospheric front to the region provokes jumps in air pressure and temperature, which initially drop dramatically, and then skyrocket. The indicated changes prevent a person from concentrating and overcoming the feeling of fatigue, especially since at high temperatures the thyroid gland performs less fruitfully its functions.

When a sharp cooling begins, with a strong wind, rain, it is natural in the air to increase the humidity and atmospheric pressure. In the human body, as a reaction to weather changes, the active development of adrenaline begins. Therefore, weather-dependent people experience during this period a number of unpleasant symptoms.

What weather changes affect a person and cause a headache

Meteozavisimye people not only with the change of weather experience malaise, but for a day or two before changing the conditions, begin to feel a number of unpleasant symptoms, including headache.

As a rule, this happens the day before:

  • a sharp drop in air temperature;
  • a fall in atmospheric pressure;
  • when the temperature rises;
  • increase of air humidity;
  • precipitation;
  • windy weather;
  • fog..

Anxiety can accompany a person and a few days after sudden changes in the weather.

Symptoms of meteosensitivity

Each organism is unique, therefore, each person reacts differently to weather changes. But if we are already talking about meteorological dependence, then it should be noted that in this case too, negative manifestations have their own individuality. Some, on the eve of changing weather and in time, have prolonged unbearable headaches, someone feels acute malaise and drowsiness. In general, during this period may appear:

  • drowsiness;
  • fast fatigue;
  • unreasonable irritability;
  • noise in ears;
  • muscle and joint pain;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • convulsions;
  • pulsation in the head and stuff.

Symptoms can be manifested in a complex or singly. People suffering from high blood pressure during the period of weather change suffer greatly from severe headaches. In this case, you can not ignore the symptoms. It is necessary to seek the help of a specialist, since a headache may indicate that an ischemic stroke is approaching. Timely diagnosis and measures taken can prevent serious consequences.

What to do to make weather change easier?

Any unpleasant symptoms that occur in a person are the body's request for help. So do not ignore them and do self-medication. It will be right to apply for qualified help to the hospital, undergo a checkup and find out the cause of poor health. Only after establishing the correct diagnosis is possible effective treatment.

As a rule, after examination and finding out the causes of pathological changes that cause such a reaction of the body to changing weather, select special medications.

At high arterial pressure, it is recommended to take funds to normalize it, for example, "Enalapril", "Fiziooten", "Captopril" and others. They should be taken strictly according to the doctor's prescription and in a strictly prescribed dosage.

When the headache is caused by edema of the venous walls of the brain, then for its removal and elimination of the pain syndrome appoint "Ibuprofen", "Meloksikam", "Nimesulid", "Aspirin".

At a low tone of veins, use preparations from the group of venotonicks. Among the widespread and effective - "Tempalgin", "Citramon", "Pentalgin".

If, in addition to a headache with a change of weather, exacerbations of chronic ailments begin, then in this case appropriate treatment is necessary.

In addition to medicines, meteozavisimym people are advised to follow certain rules that will help them reduce the negative manifestations and poor health in the case of sharp weather changes.

For this purpose it is recommended to be more often on fresh air, to practice walking tours. In addition, it is shown:

  • contrast shower, it helps accustom the vessels to temperature changes;
  • compliance with a special diet that excludes fried, spicy food, sweets, alcohol, tea, coffee;
  • control over the change in the weather, it helps in advance to take preventive drugs that will make it easier to transfer weather changes;
  • observance of a mode of a dream and a food, it is necessary to lay down and rise at the same time, the same concerns also receptions of nutrition;
  • intake of vitamins, especially in the spring and autumn seasons;
  • massage manipulations in the head area, which improves blood circulation in the vessels of the brain. To begin massage it is necessary at the first
  • signs of a headache and to continue not less than five minutes;
  • application of cold compresses. With a strong throbbing pain, the towel applied to the temples, soaked in cold water, will help improve the well-being;
  • the use of warm compresses, they are indicated for pressing pains. In this case, a warm compress is applied to the neck area from behind.

As we see, when meteorological dependence, a special approach is needed to eliminate negative symptoms, including headache, which consists in a whole complex of measures aimed at improving well-being. Among them:

  • adherence to the daily routine;
  • walking tours;
  • balanced diet;
  • reception of vitamin complexes;
  • full sleep.

And only after that, taking medications to relieve symptoms.

Of course, it's impossible to completely get rid of meteorological dependence, but the indicated actions will help significantly ease the state in the period of sharp weather changes and improve the quality of life.

Physical and emotional loads

Excessive physical activity often provokes muscle tension in the neck, which irradiates into the head region. Familiar with this feeling is weightlifters, and this syndrome is also called the "headache of weightlifters":

marked pulsation;
lasts for several hours and even days;
reminiscent of migraine.
Emotional stress provokes another pain. Many people face it after any events that affect the state of the nervous system (quarrels, stresses, etc.). Sometimes a person can not even sleep for a long time from monotonous, dull and constant pain, a feeling of tightening the head. Pulsation usually does not appear, however, and a long unpleasant sensation is enough to reduce the vitality by an order of magnitude.

A neurological disorder is a migraine. Scientists put forward various hypotheses about the origin of the disease, and at the moment the role of heredity in the etiology of the disease has been proven. Also it is reliably known that physical and emotional loads contribute to the onset of migraine.

Although this is not limited to: food, hormones, alcohol, and even weather changes. Getting rid of migraines is very problematic, because specific treatment costs a lot of money.


The high temperature of the environment is happily perceived during the holiday period. But the time spent in the sun should be controlled, otherwise you can easily grab a heat stroke. The effect of heat leads to the expansion of blood vessels and increased sweating, and the loss of fluid just causes a headache.People with migraine predisposition are especially affected, but caution is necessary for all others: overheating of the body increases the risk of developing a headache by 8%.


It can hardly be called a headache after or during an orgasm pathology. Rather, it is an exacerbation of the receptors, which increases the sensitivity of all organs, incl. and the brain. Women are more likely than men to face such a phenomenon, but they should not worry: this feeling passes quickly without any negative impact.

Consequences of headache

Everyone needs to closely monitor their own health. And an ally in this is a headache that signals a disorder in the body. If you ignore this symptom, the result can be the development of a serious disease. Is it better to carry out the diagnosis at an early stage than to wait for the situation to worsen?

In addition, a common consequence of the headache is a decrease in the quality of life. Regular seizures do not allow a person to think normally and engage in daily tasks. Sometimes it is worth to drink a pill, but not every medicine will help: first you need to establish the exact cause, and this can only be done by doctors.


An overview of the causes, signs and symptoms of a headache reveals the veil over such an exciting problem. And although some people think that it is very difficult to cope with it, do not despair ahead of time. There is a mass of folk remedies that will relieve this symptom quickly and effectively, but this will be discussed in the next article.

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