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Music with headache

If the headache worries rarely and once, then to cope with it will help to take an anesthetic pill

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Shooting headache

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Headache during sleep

Usually, such attacks just make you wake up, and do not deprive you of sleep for the whole night.

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Why does the headache

Throughout the world, one of the most common ailments in a person is headache or cephalalgia.

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Pain of forehead and eyes

Headache is the main and powerful signal that sends the affected organ to the host.

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Tensor headache

This means that the head hurts from stress, which is caused by

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Tensor headache, it is also called tensile. This means that the head hurts from stress, which is caused by stress. Any troubles or difficulties that cause nervous and physical overexertion trigger the pathological process.

The mechanism of development of tensor cephalalgia

There is a spasm of the muscles of the face and neck, the back half of the head, they are long in the clamped state. The vessels that lie in their thickness are narrowed. As a result - the blood stagnates, ill circulates, the intercellular fluid accumulates. The muscle tissue swells, and the tension builds up even more. Tissues lack oxygen, they accumulate toxins. A vicious circle is formed. Stress - muscle tension - spasm - edema - progressive muscle tension. Painful sensations last from thirty minutes in the initial stages of the disease. When the disease is at its height, attacks do not stop until three days.

Risk group

Who suffers from tensile headaches can be easily guessed. These are adults, young boys and girls - in general, all who on their shoulders suffer from constant stresses and experiences. A large part of the world's population suffers from them from time to time. This is 80% of all the inhabitants of the planet. Most of all suffer from this pathology of the fair sex. At them exacerbations on duration can reach 15 days for one month at the chronic form. Men are sick much less often, and they are characterized by an episodic course. 3-5% of people suffer and suffer from these pains all the time.

Causes of tension headaches

The causes of tensor headaches are common stressful situations. They happen in the life of each person, sometimes several times a day. They can not be excluded, or limited. After all, no one promised people that life is all fun and fun. The main thing is to develop the habit of correctly treating all unexpected turns, the destiny prepared for a person. Unpleasant situations that can provoke the appearance of an attack of a tensor headache:

  • heavy relocation to a new place;
  • dismissal;
  • new difficult work;
  • separation from the beloved;
  • a break up;
  • quarrels with loved ones;
  • conflict situations;
  • a serious illness of someone in the family;
  • death of a loved one;
  • loss of a pet.

If a person leads an incorrect way of life, does not allow his body time to fully rest and recover, does not engage in regular sports, the tensile headache will be his main problem for many years. Factors weakening resistance to stress stimuli are as follows:

  • regular violations of the regime of rest;
  • inferior sleep;
  • frequent lack of sleep, alternating with pouring;
  • lack of a clear sleep schedule;
  • pathological changes in the spine, posture disorders;
  • malnutrition, containing little fiber, beneficial vitamins and minerals;
  • cold, heat;
  • excessive eye strain;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • violations of blood pressure;
  • premenstrual syndrome;
  • inactive existence;
  • lack of regular physical activity.

The cause of the pain is not one, there are a lot of them. The result is always the same - constant incessant headaches. Because of this, the patient feels regular anxiety, fear of a new attack. Serious sleep disorders occur. Increases fatigue, working capacity drops sharply. In some patients, even a loud noise, a sharp light in the eyes, a strong smell can provoke a new attack of pain. Malnutrition and temporary hunger tensor pain are much less common.

Features of Tensor Cephalgia

Tension headache may appear at any time, regardless of time of day. In the course of the disease, it is classified as follows:

-Periodic. Occurs rarely, does not last long, passes quickly. The total summation duration is less than 14 days.
-Chronic. Appears often, seizures last for 2-3 days. The total duration is more than two weeks.

For tensor pain, the symptom of the hoop is typical - the pain surrounds the head in a circle, squeezing it like a hoop. For some patients, it resembles a vice gripping its head. There is heaviness in the nape and in the frontal part. In the field of temples it drags and hurts. The neck, as if in a tightened state, a pain is dragging from behind. A characteristic sign - if you gently press on a painful place, the pain increases dramatically.

The severity of the pain syndrome is not affected by the previous physical stress. Often the pain occurs in the evening. She can appear by the end of the working day, when the patient is very tired. Constant tension, anxiety, stress factors - the main starting point of the tensile headache. Sometimes another exacerbation appears without any reason. Intensity of the attack is easy, in the form of a barely perceptible feeling of pressure or tension in the neck muscles. At maximum manifestations, the pain is intense, unbearable.

Many people sometimes confuse it with migraine-like attacks, but unlike them, tensor pain proceeds more easily. Symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, visual impairment, coordination disorders are absent.

Sometimes a patient can feel moderate pressure in the frontal region, sometimes the pain feels like squeezing. But the characteristic characteristic of migraine is a pronounced strong pulsating pain, with tensor cephalalgia does not happen. Maybe only a weak pulsation in the forehead and temples.

Additional symptoms with tension headache

In addition to the basic pain syndrome, the patient has other equally unpleasant symptoms. On what else can the patient complain:

  • feeling of tension in other parts of the trunk;
  • soreness in the muscles;
  • painful sensations in the abdominal cavity;
  • severe fatigue;
  • nervousness;
  • irritability;
  • heaviness, fog in the head;
  • problems with attention;
  • difficulty with falling asleep;
  • fatigue;
  • feeling of frustration in the morning;
  • lack of proper relief after rest;
  • decreased appetite;
  • detachment from the outside world;
  • intolerance of loud sounds and bright light.

Patients develop a characteristic posture, as if a person bears all the hardships of the world. From the constant drama because of stress, the back is hunched, the shoulders are slightly raised, and the neck, as if pulled into the trunk.

Directions of treatment of tensor pains

Therapy must necessarily be comprehensive. It includes several stages of exposure:

  • Relaxation and relaxation;
  • Relieving tension from spasms;
  • Elimination and stopping of painful attacks;
  • Strengthening of the nervous system;
  • Correction of the work of vegetative organs.

The course of treatment may include pharmaceuticals to normalize the pressure. If the patient has heart problems, then additionally appoint Corvalol, Validol. To relieve stress, sedatives are used - Tenoten, Afobazol. Well helps with periodic cephalalgie tincture of the motherwort.

Preparations for the treatment of tensor headache

The professional course of therapy includes such medicines:

Antidepressants. Light antidepressants are used for moderate and mild depressive manifestations-Doxepin, Mianserin, Tianeptin. Strong antidepressants with severe symptoms of depression - Imipramine, Amitriptyline.
Monoamine oxidase inhibitors. Used to treat depression. This is Bethol, Pirazidol.
Anesthetics. Novalgin, Dipron, Ibuprofen, Nurofen plus, Paracetamol, Voltaren.
Relaxing drugs. They help to relieve nervous overexertion, normalize the raised excitability, help with insomnia, hysterics. This is Glycin, Persen.
Sedatives. Tincture of a peony, motherwort. Valerian in the tablets go in drops. Passion flower in tablets or syrup. These drugs treat depressive disorders, anxiety, sleep problems.

Antidepressants from herbal remedies have proven effective. They have a gentle, neat action, few side effects. This is a decoction of St. John's wort, Novo-Passit, Persen.

Often, therapy is supplemented by atypical benzodiazepines. These are drugs with sedative and muscle relaxant effect. They have a hypnotic effect, relieve anxiety. Miorelaxants are used to relieve spasm of tense neck muscles. They lower the tone of the skeletal muscles, reduce the severity of the pain syndrome. Among such drugs - Baclofen, Midokalm. They are good to remove the increased tone, have analgesic effect.

Treatment with a psychotherapist and psychologist

In complex therapy necessarily include consultation and supervision with a psychotherapist or psychologist. He will help the patient cope with internal problems, teach him how to overcome stressful and conflict situations, return a normal psycho-emotional state, and learn to overcome problems according to his capabilities. The psychologist will make a plan for daily behavior, teach you how to apply the principles of autogenic training.


Physiotherapeutic effect is considered one of the best auxiliary methods of therapy of tensor cephalgic syndrome. Specialists carry out massage of the collar zone. Its result is the relaxation of the muscles of the neck and the occipital region, the restoration of the normal functioning of the nervous system. Also patients undergo reflexotherapy, electrosleep. Hydroprocedures relieve spasm, reduce pain manifestations. They include warm baths, a massage shower.

How to cope with a bout of pain yourself?

When there is another episode of tensor pain, it is easy to predict. Therefore, towards evening, when he begins to clamp his head in a vice ", one must perform simple actions, and it may be possible to stop the attack. So, what to do:

  • Perform exercises of respiratory gymnastics, do not less than half an hour;
  • Wash yourself with cool water;
  • Take a warm shower;
  • Have a snack with fresh fruit;
  • ie down to get some sleep;
  • Take an analgesic pill if pain occurs.

When should I see a doctor?

If the headache occurs more than three times a week for the past two months - this is an excuse not to postpone your visit to the doctor. Especially the patient should be alerted that the pain with each new attack becomes more intense and took a chronic form. If it spreads to other parts of the head, and presses not only the hoop. When the headache is joined by other symptoms - tingling in the heart, rhythm disturbances, pain in the abdomen.

What is BOS, how is it used in treatment?

BOS, stands for biologically feedback. This is a unique therapeutic-training method. The essence of BOS is to teach the patient to cope with stress. Help him to react to stressful situations in another way, so as not to harm the body. Its purpose is to learn to recognize and independently regulate undesirable manifestations on the part of the body.

With the help of BF, you can relax the tension muscles, lead to normal values ​​of blood pressure, cope with cardiac arrhythmia. The patient mastered the skills to control the manifestations of his body. In the work with patients, several doctors of a narrow profile participate simultaneously. This is a psychotherapist, neuropathologist, psychologist, physiotherapist. The patient is taught how to handle the device correctly, shows exercises, prescribes therapeutic tasks.

Helpful Tips

No one will dispute the well-known fact: movement is life. Therefore, in order to strengthen health, you need to make regular physical activities a part of your life. A cardiac surgeon with a world-wide name, Nikolai Amosov, gave his main role to sports. He used to go hiking and jogging until the last day. All patients were given recommendations on what physical exercises to perform regularly. His main rule was - while we move, we live.

To relieve the stress pain less often, it will be useful to follow these simple recommendations:

  • Sleep no more than 8 hours, but not less than 6;
  • The best time to go to bed at 10 pm;
  • Get up preferably at 5-6 in the morning;
  • Use natural organic products for food;
  • Replace desserts, sweets, cakes for fresh fruit or dried fruit;
  • Eliminate bad habits;
  • Drink freshly squeezed juices;
  • Accept vegetable and fruit smoothies;
  • Introduce in the diet of sprouts of cereals and legumes.

Human health depends only on himself. Only in his power to change something. You can never give up, you need to change your life day in and day out for the better. It's never too late to start introducing new useful habits. This will bring tremendous benefits to health. Tensor headache will forever leave the body.