Here is what you need to know about migraines:

• Every fourth young woman suffers from migraines with a different frequency of attacks.
• Migraine is not just a headache. Migraine is a neurological disease. Headache is just one of the symptoms of an attack.
• Migraine is not a psychological disease. All symptoms of the disease have a known neurological cause and are completely real. Migraine is not a sign of neurosis, emotional instability, laziness, or simulation. The pain and physical discomfort of people suffering from this disease is actually experienced.
• Not all doctors have sufficient knowledge and experience in treating migraines. Finding a doctor with enough knowledge is often the most important and difficult step on the path.
• Migraine cannot be cured. In the ideal case, it is possible to pick up medications to prevent some, but not all migraine attacks.
• With effective painkillers, it is extremely difficult for some patients to choose medications to quickly get rid of pain and other migraine symptoms.
• In rare cases, a migraine attack can be dangerous to health. An attack of a migraine that has not stopped within 72 hours may result in a stroke. In this situation, urgent medical attention is required.
• In some patients, migraine flows so hard that doctors cannot manage enough pain control. It is difficult, and often impossible, for such patients to work and cope with ordinary household chores. A quiet, dark room is required during an attack.

There are many provocateurs for migraine attacks:
perfume and pungent odors. Try not to use perfume with a strong odor at home;

• bright or flickering light;
• various foods;
• noise and loud sounds;
• change of weather;
• cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes;
• and many others.

Your loved ones with migraines need your help and understanding. They should know that you understand that they are really sick and that they are not trying to get your attention in this way, and sometimes they cannot take care of themselves. They, of course, will appreciate if you go to see a doctor with them. Migraine is not only physically painful, it is also difficult to be emotionally transferred and can destroy a family and a career. Since patients do not always find understanding, they often feel lonely and forsaken. They also feel guilty for not being able to support their family members and friends in the way they would like to do so, and also because they are forced to skip working days. Patients with migraine need not only medication; they need your moral support. You are very important to them. ”

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