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Many women and men suffering from migraine, meet misunderstanding at home and at work. Often, friends and relatives, and what to say about the boss, cast a mocking look on you or simply don’t believe you. You may be confused in a variety of situations.
Even many doctors do not know what a migraine is and how terrible it is. Often, they recommend some over-the-counter analgesic (for example, nurofen), which is likely to be ineffective. Over time, the doctor of the district clinic will begin to suspect that you simply want to receive a sick-list or a prescription for strong (narcotic or semi-narcotic) painkillers or sleeping pills. After all, he did not reveal any abnormalities in the body, and it is impossible to see or feel pain for another person. You can even get advice to go to a psychiatrist, because “you obviously think of something: you can’t hurt your head so much.”
Family members and friends sometimes do not understand (although they are trying) what is happening to you so special. They get annoyed when you do not fulfill what they promised. Fortunately, they are often ready to admit: from time to time you feel so bad that it is impossible to talk to you, consult and discuss important matters. And they try not to make noise, they bring you pills, try to occupy children with something so that they do not interfere. The husband may even give imigran instead of flowers.
Make sure your family really understands: you really feel bad. And it is so bad that you would wash the floor in the whole apartment with much greater pleasure or cooked dinner. Try to explain this to avoid conflicts and resentment. Do not let a migraine destroy your family and friendship!

Problems can arise at work. The heads do not understand that sometimes you should meet, because taking a pill and a half-hour rest in a quiet darkened room is all you need. Unfortunately, migraine sometimes makes people give up their careers: not every manager agrees to your periodical absence from work, early leaving home or being late due to a headache. But even if you stayed in the workplace, your working capacity is significantly reduced, and this is noticeable. In addition, it is especially difficult to control migraine provocateurs at work: bright lights, smells, skipping lunch, and nervous stress.
This attitude is due to many reasons. Try to understand your family members and colleagues.
For many years, migraine remained a mystery to society and even doctors. Only in recent years there has been a rapid accumulation of knowledge in this area, the emergence of new methods of treatment. Until now, many people find it difficult to abandon established myths, stereotypes and prejudices about this disease.
Migraine can not be seen. Unlike other diseases, its seizure may not manifest itself externally. And others can only guess how bad you really are. And for people who have never experienced a severe migraine headache, this is especially difficult to do.
Try to put yourself in the place of loved ones and colleagues. At the most crucial moment, you suddenly fail, allegedly because of poor health. At this time with you even talk plainly impossible. And sometimes you don’t keep your promises. All this can cause tension and resentment among others.

How to solve such problems? There is no unequivocal answer to this question. But the key to maintaining good relationships can lie in learning. Tell your family and colleagues how you feel and why a headache interferes with your normal activities. Briefly explain what a migraine. Read how to do this in the next paragraph.
Another way: the next time you go to the doctor, take someone from the family with you. Let him hear about a migraine from a specialist and ask questions.
How to help a loved one with migraine
This section is intended for those whose relatives suffer from migraines.
We understand that you are going through and maybe even annoyed. It scares you when a dear person suffers and you don’t know how to help him. Or maybe it seems to you that he is mocking you? Refuses from household chores, lazy, finally?
We would like to tell you a little about migraines, so that you know what your loved one feels and expects from you.
Here is an excerpt from an open letter to Professor Teri Robert (Teri Robert), a member of the National Migraine Association in the United States. It is addressed to relatives, friends, and colleagues of migraine patients and contains important information about the disease. The letter is written to make it easier for others to understand what is happening with a person suffering from migraine.

“Migraine is a well-known neurological disease.
It is still misunderstood, often not diagnosed, and not effectively treated.
This pain is very difficult to understand if you do not experience it yourself. It would not be an exaggeration to say that such pain of many people suggests suicide.
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