Migraine on vacation and traveling

For many people, rest brings long-awaited relief. However, on vacation you are waiting for the risk of meeting with a large number of migraine provocateurs. What should I look for when traveling to enjoy the trip?
A large crowd of people, noise, bright light and a long wait at the airport can lead to the development of a migraine attack. These factors often can not be avoided, so try to smooth out the stresses of travel as much as possible.
Do not forget sunglasses and a soft blindfold. This will not only allow you to protect yourself from bright light, but also help you fall asleep. Do some business in case of a long wait. Drink coffee or tea (remember the benefits of sugar and caffeine?), Have a snack, read a magazine.

Many are happy to go to hot countries, climb the mountains, dive with an aqualung. This undoubtedly makes the rest rich and interesting. But sometimes a sharp change in climate, atmospheric pressure and other weather conditions causes strong migraine attacks at the beginning of the trip. Do not worry: in a few days the body adapts to new conditions.
You already know that lack of sleep leads to migraine attacks. The same thing happens when you break your usual sleep pattern. If it is difficult for you to fall asleep on the plane, try to at least protect yourself from excessive noise – use earphones or earplugs. Sleep is also disturbed by the rapid change of time zones. To restore it, you can take melatonin (for example, the drug melaxen).
If you are swayed often, take action in advance: there are bracelets and medications to help with this problem.
Pay attention to what you eat. When traveling, your diet can change significantly, and food can contain preservatives and flavors. Try to avoid foods that usually cause seizures. Do not refuse to eat, because hunger provokes an attack with a very high probability. Take along a “strategic supply” of products: sandwiches, chocolates, cereal bars and nuts can prevent an attack. For a snack during the trip fit and fruit.
Do not forget about water, because dehydration also triggers seizures. And of course, remember about the action of red wine – in case of migraine, it often does not lead to pleasant relaxation, but causes a headache. In addition, alcohol lowers blood sugar and promotes dehydration. Consume soft drinks.
Remember about medicines. Be sure to take with painkillers in the required quantity, and preferably with a margin. Once in another country where medicines are sold under other trade names, you risk not finding something that helps you. Some products may not be available at all; for example, combination analgesics, such as pentalgin and caffetine, are banned in most European countries.
Taking medicines with you is even more important if you take triptans. These are prescription drugs, and abroad you will need a doctor’s prescription. In many countries, this rule is observed very strictly, and in pharmacies do not sell triptans without a prescription.
Long stay in a sitting position when traveling by car or long flight can lead to muscle tension. At the same time, discomfort and discomfort in the neck, back, shoulders.
Whenever possible, try to move, walk, stretch stiff muscles. This is especially important if you have neck problems. As you know, pain in the neck can trigger a migraine attack.
Prepare for the trip in advance – this will allow you to get to your destination with a good state of health and to relax or have a fruitful work.

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