The combination of heart defects and migraines

In the general population, approximately one in five adults has a pathology such as an open oval hole (LLC). Among people with migraine, especially with aura, the prevalence of LLC is especially high. Thus, a special clinical study showed a significant prevalence of LLC in patients suffering from migraine compared with the control group, with LLC found in 67% of people suffering from migraine with aura, in 47% of patients with migraine without aura and in 22% of the group control.

According to preliminary data, the correction of an LLC or atrial septal defect (WFP) significantly relieves severity and reduces the frequency of migraine attacks with and without aura.

The researchers suggested that the development of migraine can contribute to substances that are normally filtered by the lungs. Another hypothesis is based on the genetic relationship between defects of the heart walls and the development of migraine. However, as a result of some studies, a deterioration or appearance of new migraine cases was found among patients who underwent reparative manipulation of the heart.

In order to study in more detail how the MPP correction affects the course of migraine, a migraine correction study was conducted using Starflex technology with 147 patients suffering from migraine with aura, randomized to those who underwent CPD closure and who underwent placebo control sham procedure.

The researchers hoped to reproduce the results of preliminary uncontrolled high-efficacy studies after the closure of WFP. Migraine regressed in only 4% of patients, both in the main group and the placebo group. For 3 months of observation, the number of days without headache in both groups decreased equally – by about 30%.

The severity of headache also decreased in both groups equally – by about 12%. The absence of any significant differences between the two compared groups refuted the assumption about the advantages of this method as a method of treating migraine.

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