SCP registration procedure

Registration of SCP is performed monopolar in five leads: from the lower frontal, central, occipital, as well as the right and left temporal areas of the head (points Fpz, Cz, Oz, Td, Ts according to the international scheme 10-20). The lower frontal, central and occipital leads are located on the sagittal line; in the future, these leads will be denoted by F, C, O. The recording of the soft starter is carried out 5-7 minutes after applying electrodes to the points of the head , under which small tampons moistened with a saturated solution of NaCl are placed. At the same time, a cuff moistened with a saturated NaCl solution with a strengthened reference electrode is applied to the wrist of the right hand. After 5 – 7 minutes, transients in the skin occur, triboelectric effects disappear , skin resistance decreases to 3 – 5 kOhm, galvanic skin reactions cease to be recorded. During the recording of the soft starter, the constancy of the skin resistance is monitored. A unified international standard has now been developed and published for recording constant potentials from the scalp of a person, which coincides in its fundamental provisions with the methodological conditions that are used in this work. Compliance with these conditions avoids possible registration artifacts.

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