Modern equipment for studying constant potentials

The domestic and foreign medical industry produces devices designed to record the slow electrical activity of the brain. These are mainly various printing systems. To date, not a single specialized device for registration of soft starters has been produced, with the exception of the hardware and software complex “Neuroenergometer” developed with our participation.

The complex consists of a five-channel DC biopotential amplifier with an analog-to-digital converter, as well as software for recording, analysis, graphical representation and storage of recorded brain SCP values ​​and processing results. A Neuroenergometer requires a computer to operate.

Registration is carried out by non-polarizable electrodes of two types. The non-polarizable EVL 1M4 electrode is used as a reference. The use of this electrode is due to the fact that with proper operation, the EVL 1M4 has a small drift of constant potential and is able to maintain stable operation for thousands of hours. Standard silver chloride cup electrodes are used as active ones, which can be fixed with an ordinary encephalographic helmet. These electrodes have less resistance than the EVL M4, however, their uptime is almost an order of magnitude shorter.

Features of the hardware and software complex “Neuroenergometer”

Information input:

– when registering the soft starter, an automatic assessment of the resistance of the electrodes and compensation of electrode potentials are performed; – during the recording process, skin resistance is monitored to minimize artifacts of skin origin;

– SCP is recorded simultaneously on five channels; – discrete (one-time recording at any time) and continuous recording of the level of constant potentials are possible during any period of time. Automatic analysis of information: – “Neuroenergometer” performs topographic mapping of SCP on the surface of the head; – automatic calculation of local SCP values;

– comparison of experimental values ​​with reference values ​​for the corresponding age, presentation of the conclusion about

– the degree of discrepancy between the experimental and reference values; – assessment of the intensity of the energy processes of the brain based on the analysis of SCP; Editing includes: – removal of artifacts from continuous recording; – selection of analysis stages; Data output and information storage: – listing of digital and graphic information on a printer; – storage of information in a database in digital and graphic form.

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