Principles of treatment of persistent headaches in children

An important prophylactic effect have propranolol and flunarizin. Antidepressants and antiepileptic drugs are also effective in treating headaches in children. In placebo-controlled studies, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) have not been evaluated as a means of preventing migraine in children, although it is known that they have very little effect on adult patients.

The risk of suicidal ideation / attempts in children suffering from mood disorders is rather high when taking SSRIs. For this reason, the use of SSRIs requires careful monitoring.

Relaxation, stress control and biofeedback are effective non-drug methods for treating headaches in children. A healthy lifestyle should be promoted, including physical exercise, balanced nutrition and good sleep.

Most children with headaches, especially migraines, are characterized by sleep disorders, including chronic sleep deprivation. The daily routine should be designed in such a way as to go to bed with the lights off, and wake up in the morning. Do not allow children and teens to watch TV at a later time.

In pediatric practice, the effectiveness of the treatment of headaches with vitamins, minerals and herbs has not been adequately studied. During a special survey of children and adolescents suffering from migraine, for 4 months they were treated with magnesium preparations. The dose of such drugs was selected taking into account the patient’s body weight. Magnesium preparations reduced the number of days in which migraine attacks occur by 45%. Magnesium preparations can also reduce the intensity of migraine attacks and tension headaches in children and adolescents.

The effect of butterbur root extract on migraine in children and adolescents was investigated. The butterbur root extract, consumed by children and adolescents in a dose of 25-75 mg (depending on body weight) twice a day for 4 months, reduces the frequency of migraine by 63%. Like adults, burping was the most common side effect.

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