Participation of the hippocampus in the formation of motivations and emotions. 

It has been shown that removal of hippocampus in animals causes giperseksual NOSTA which, however, do not disappear when castration (the bunks can have shatsya maternal behavior). This suggests that the variable of sexual behavior of modulated arhiopaleokorteksa has a basis not only hormonal origin, but also the change excite and Mosti neurophysiological mechanisms regulating sexual behavior set. It was shown that irritation of the hippocampus (as well as the forebrain bundle and cingulate cortex) causes sexual excitement in the male. Regarding the role of the hippocampus in the modulation of emotional sweep th There is no clear information. However it is known that damage GIPP about kampa leads to a decrease in emotionality initiative, deceleration rate of the basic nervous processes, to increase the thresholds call um of rational reactions. It is shown that the hippocampus, as a structure of the archiopale of the cortex, can serve as a substrate for closing temporary connections, and also, by regulating the excitability of the new cortex, contributes to the formation of conditioned reflexes at the level of the new cortex. In particular, it is shown that the removal of the hippocampus does not affect the rate of formation of simple (food) conditioned reflexes, but inhibits their binding and Differen n tsirovku new conditioned reflexes. There is information about the participation of HIPD about Kampa in the implementation of higher mental functions. Together with almonds prominent body of the hippocampus is involved in calculating the probabilities of events (hippocampus captures the most probable events, and the amygdala – Malov royatnye). At the neural level, this can be ensured by the work of neurons about novelty and neurons of identity. Clinical observations, including W. Penfield and P. Milner, point to the hippocampus involved in mechanics of memory max. Surgical removal of the hippocampus in humans causes sweat Ryu memory of the events of the recent past, while maintaining it in the dep and    fallen events (retroanterograde amnesia). Some mental illnesses that occur with impaired memory are accompanied by degraded changes in the hippocampus.

Belt gyrus . It is known that the damage in the monkeys from the belt and the skin makes them less fearful; animals no longer fear man, show no signs of affection, anxiety or hostility. This indicates the presence in the cingulate neurons responsible for the formation of negative emotions.

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