The nucleus of the hypothalamus as a component of the limbic system. 

Irritation of the medial nuclei of the hypothalamus in cats causes an immediate rage reaction. A similar reaction is observed in cats when a part of the brain located in front of the hypothalamus nuclei is removed. All this points to cash and Chiyo in the medial hypothalamus neurons involved with the nuclei of the amygdala in the organization of emotions, accompanied by fury. At the same time the lateral nucleus of the hypothalamus, as a rule, about ton respectively for the emergence of positive emotions (the satiety center, tse try fun, positive emotions centers).

The amygdala, or the corpus amygdaloideum (synonyms – the amygdala, amygdaloid complex, amygdala, almond), for plural NIJ some authors, refers to subcortical or basal nuclei, according to others – to the cerebral cortex. The amygdala during limited hours of the suggested in a depth of the temporal lobe of the brain. Neurons are diverse tonsils of us in the form of their function associated with providing defensive dressings Denia, autonomic, motor, emotional reactions, mot and vatsiey conditioned reflex behavior. And shows the involvement of Mind and of the left body to regulate the processes of urination, urination and contractile activity of the uterus. Damage to the amygdala in a lively t GOVERNMENTAL leads to the disappearance of fear, calm, inability to yar about STI and aggression. Animals become gullible. The amygdala regulates eating behavior. So, damage to the almond e of a prominent body in a cat leads to increased appetite and obesity. In addition, almond Dr. Noah body regulates sexual behavior. It was established that the amygdala damage in animals leads to hypersexuality, to all of penetration sexual perversion, which are removed Castres and tion and reappear with the introduction of sex hormones. Indirectly, this indicates control by the neurons of the amygdala in the production of sex hormones. Together with the hippocampus, which are neurons Novi of us, reflecting the most probable events, the amygdala in s computes the probability of events, as it contains neurons fixed and ruyuschie most unlikely events.

From the anatomical point of view, the transparent partition (partition) is a thin plate consisting of two sheets. Ex about transparently baffle extends between the corpus callosum and vault section e Laa between a front horn of the lateral ventricles. Plates Transp h hydrochloric partitions contain nuclei, ie.   e.   clusters of gray matter. Transp h hydrochloric septum generally referred to as olfactory brain structures, it is an important component of the limbic system.

It has been shown that septal nuclei are involved in the regulation of endocrine function (in particular, they affect the secretion of the adrenal gland of the steroid), as well as the activity of internal organs. The core of the septum is related to the formation of emotions – they are considered as a stream to the tour, reducing aggressiveness and fear.

The limbic system, as is known, includes Retik structure at lar formation of the midbrain, in connection with which some authors suggest g of vorit of limbic-reticular complex (LRC).

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