Migraine as part of your life

• To avoid misunderstandings from family and colleagues, tell them about your migraine.
• Prepare for travel in advance.
• Take along sunglasses, food, water, and your usual painkillers (especially if you are taking triptans).
• A severe headache in a child can be a migraine – be sure to find a doctor who will diagnose correctly and in time.
• During a headache, the child needs to rest in a quiet dark room; Give him food and drink, and if necessary, offer paracetamol or ibuprofen.
• Children over 12 years old are allowed to take aspirin, combined analgesics and use imigran in the form of a spray (if other drugs are ineffective).
• Do not forget about the regime and the provocateurs attacks.
• Together with your child, learn non-drug-based pain control techniques.

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