Method of magnetic resonance imaging

Modern methods of n allows one to see the structure of the human brain, without damaging it. The method of magnetic resonance imaging makes it possible to observe a series of consecutive “slices” of the brain on the screen of the monitor of the brain, without causing any harm to it. This method allows you to explore, for example, malignant tumors of the brain. The brain is irradiated with an electromagnetic field, using a special magnet for this. Under the action of a magnetic field, dipoles of brain fluids (for example, water molecules) take its direction. After removing the external magnetic field dipoles return to their original state, this raises mA g-magnetic signal which is detected by special sensors. Then, this echo is processed by powerful computers and methods of computer- th Terni graphics displayed on the monitor screen.

Positron emission tomography. Even more high res e Niemi has technique of positron emission tomography (PET). Issl e dovanie it based on the introduction in cerebral blood flow positron emitting short-lived isotope. The distribution of radioactivity in the brain going to the computer for some time and scan tion and then reconstructed into a three-dimensional image.

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