Neurobiological methods.

In theoretical studies of physics ogy human nervous system plays an important role the study of Central Noah s nervous system of animals. This area of ​​knowledge is called neurobiology. The structure of nerve cells, as well as the processes occurring in them, remain unchanged both in primitive animals and in humans. The exception is the cerebral hemispheres. Therefore, a neurobiologist can always study one or another question on thephysiology of the human brain in simpler, cheaper and more accessible objects. These objects can be invertebrates. Paragraph of recent years for this purpose are increasingly used brain slices lifetime newborn rats and guinea pigs, and even the culture of nervous tissue grown in the laboratory. Such material can be used to study the mechanisms of functioning of individual nerve cells and their processes. For example, cephalopods (squid, cuttlefish) are very thick, giant axons (di meter and 500 – 1000 microns), which is transmitted from the head in the ganglion of excitation of the musculature on the mantle. Molecular excitation mechanisms are investigated on this object. Many molluscs in the nerve ganglia, replacing their brain, there is a very large neurons – Dia t rum to 1000 microns. These neurons are used in the study of ion channels, whose opening and closing is controlled by the chemical The substance t you.

For registration of bioelectrical activity of neurons and their otros t kov used microelectrode technique, which, depending on the study of and villas has a lot of features. Usually used two types of microelectrodes – metal and glass.To register to acti Nosta single neurons microelectrode attached to a special m and Cranes are, which allows you to promote it in the brain of an animal with the height of the hell up. Depending on the objectives of the study, the manipulator can be mounted on the skull of the animal or separately. The nature of the register and the controllable bioelectric activity is determined by the diameter of the tip of the microelectrode. For example, when the diameter of the tip of the microelectrode is not used Lee 5 microns can register action potentials of single nd not tron. When the tip of the microelectrode diameter greater than 10 microns but simultaneous n p e gistriruetsya Activity tens and sometimes hundreds of neurons.

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