Herbal Headache Prevention

Pyrethrium (chamomile maiden, Tanacetum parthenium L.) is extracted from flowers resembling daisies. Its main active ingredient is parthenolide. Pyrethrium reduces inflammation and is often used in the treatment of fever, arthritis, menstrual pain and migraine. This tool facilitates migraine in a daily dose of 50-143 mg for 3-4 months.

Daily use of pyrethrium preparations in a dose of 100 mg reduces the frequency of migraine attacks by 24%, and severity by 45%. Parthenolide is found in various types of pyrethrium. To have a preventive effect in migraine, pyrethrium should contain at least 0.2% parthenolide. At higher concentrations (0.5%) parthenolide is found in the pyrethrium, which is produced in Israel (Medicinal Herbs of Galilee).

In such an elevated concentration, the drug is successfully used to reduce migraine attacks. Since pyrethrium reduces blood viscosity, its use is limited in patients suffering from coagulation disorders or taking aspirin, NSAIDs or other drugs that reduce blood clotting.

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