Headache in the vertex: causes and treatment

Every person in his life experiences a headache at least once. The occurrence of headaches can be caused by a large number of causes. Headache attacks vary in duration and intensity, but in any case, this is not the pain that must be tolerated. With attacks of headache it is necessary to fight, but for successful treatment it is necessary to take into account a number of factors.

Causes of headache
The appearance of a headache can be affected by various circumstances, but the most common causes of such a malaise are:

Problems with pressure (hypertension, vegetative-vascular dystonia);
Spasms of blood vessels;
Viral infections;
Preinsult condition;
lack of sleep;
Overwork and stress;
Concussion, craniocerebral trauma;
Abuse of tobacco and alcohol;
Osteochondrosis, which results in pinching of the occipital nerves and overstrain of the muscles of the cervical region;
Hereditary predisposition;
These causes also affect the intensity and localization of the headache.

For example, pulsating pain in the vertex can be a signal of a serious vascular spasm that can lead to a stroke.
Noises in the ears and flashing of “flies” before the eyes are accompanied by a headache caused by increased blood pressure.
Migraines are accompanied by symptoms such as shingles, severe pain in the temporal region, nausea, vomiting, intolerance to bright light. It should be noted that migraine is most often affected by women, in men they almost never happen.
When the occipital nerve is infringed, the headache has a dull, aching character and is given to the area of ​​the collar zone, with the vision deteriorating, and the muscular tone of the shoulder girdle – to increase excessively.

Getting Rid of Headache
In the fight against attacks of headache, analgesics and antispasmodics are used. However, analgesics are able to fight only with painful symptoms and are not able to eliminate the cause of the headache. Therefore, unpleasant sensations caused by vasospasms are recommended to be removed with the help of antispasmodics, which relax smooth muscle.

Headache caused by osteochondrosis is a real scourge for people engaged in sedentary work, such a load on the spine leads to the clench of the occipital nerve, and as a result, deterioration of the cerebral circulation, resulting in deaf headaches. Anesthetics in this case can not do. Recommended therapeutic gymnastics, therapeutic and relaxing massage, the application of ice to the nape.
Particular attention is required headaches with migraine. This disease occurs mainly in women and is transmitted by inheritance. Periodic acute headaches with migraines are accompanied by intolerance to bright light, vomiting, nausea, irritability to sounds. In this case, the patient should be indoors with a minimum of noise and light sources, do cool compresses and take carefully selected medications.
Herbal teas from melissa, chamomile, oregano or mint are very helpful in headaches. Their relaxing effect will intensify if a spoonful of honey is added to the tea. It is also advised to use special creams and ointments with an irritating and cooling effect, which must be rubbed into the whiskey.

anxious symptoms
Headache can appear in conditions of an unfavorable environment – heat, stuffiness, loud annoying noise. But besides this, it can become a sign of a more formidable disease. You should listen to yourself and pay attention to such unpleasant manifestations:

Headaches occur more often, and the duration of a painful attack increases;
Pressure rushes, there is a nausea, vomiting, delicacy,
Appears fainting;
Vision, hearing were impaired, movement of hands was hampered;
The concentration of attention decreased, memory worsened;
There was dryness in the mouth, enlarged lymph nodes.
If the headache is accompanied by the symptoms described above, you should consult a doctor immediately. Anesthetics in this case are powerless, since for the treatment of headaches it is necessary to determine the disease and eliminate it. Only a specialist will be able to assign the necessary tests and examinations and choose the right treatment regimen.

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