Headache in the temporal region

Headache in the temporal region, as well as in other areas of the head, is one of the most common complaints that modern therapists and neuropathologists are compelled to hear. The tendentiousness of this picture is gaining momentum almost every day. Approximately two-thirds of such incidents are frequent headaches in the temples. Unfortunately, most of the people suffering from this problem do not go to the doctor and do not try to analyze the causes of the disease. The question they prefer to solve with the help of painkillers, except for such an organism signal is worthy of any attention. The way out of the situation in the form of a campaign to a specialist arises only in the case when the problem is not solved by the tablet and passes certain boundaries. But it’s better late than never.

In this article, we will discuss how the headache in the temples arises, the reasons why this occurs, and also consider some methods of treating the problem. The root cause of pain is the cause of the violation of the blood circulation of the brain. The result is a spasm or irritation of the arteries and blood vessels, and provokes a headache. In the light of the fact that the reasons for its occurrence can be many, doctors often experience difficulties with identifying the disease. This leads to the need for an appropriate examination of patients.

Headache in the temporal region can be very diverse. From very sharp, sudden and pulsating, to long and aching. Stress, frustration or the influence of climatic factors – these are the most common causes that cause systemic discomfort.

Pain in the temporal region of the head, the causes of which are often associated with any nervous diseases, often have nothing to do with them, and the neurologist is unable to resolve the question positively. Patients can be people of absolutely different ages, and the younger generation is increasingly suffering. But fall into this group of risk, individuals who can not boast of good immunity and lead a sedentary lifestyle.

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