Eye Migraine

Eye Migraine
Migraine is called recurrent attacks, high intensity pulsating headaches, which last from 3 hours to 3 days (no more). Migraines suffer up to 20% of the population, usually they are inherent in women 30-49 years of age. However, the manifestation of the disease occurs in youth. There are hereditary factors.

Before the onset of an attack, there often appears an aura – a harbinger of a migraine. In this case, the frequency of seizures can vary from 2 times weekly, up to 1 time per year. Often the headache is localized only in the half of the head. A similar type of migraine is called hemicrania.

Eye migraine is one of the forms of the disease, it is also called ciliated scotoma. The disease is accompanied by a feeling of flickering, accompanied by falling out of the fields of vision. Perhaps the appearance of phosphenes, usually on the periphery of the blind zone, which is sometimes associated with the fortifications of the “ghost castle” (including colored or black and white). A similar visual sensation is characteristic for both eyes, which indicates violations occurring in the higher parts of the nervous system, and not directly in the visual analyzer itself. Signs of ocular migraine, despite the name, flowing completely painlessly, usually disappear gradually within half an hour. However, this condition is occasionally combined with a normal migraine, due to a violation of the blood circulation of the brain. A similar anomaly is the result of an incorrect operation of the occipital region of the cerebral cortex, which has no relation to the eyes or their elements, such as the retina. Sometimes an eye migraine can cause nausea. The emergence of such a state is a sufficient reason for refusing to drive vehicles. Experts suggest a connection between the disease and changes in the arteries of the brain, but the nature of the pathology has not been sufficiently studied.

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