Ergotamine for the treatment of headaches and migraines – effectiveness

Along with triptans, ergotamine preparations have a good effect in treating headaches that drastically reduce the ability to work. The side effects of ergotamines, due to their vasoconstrictor effect, are more serious than with triptans.

Of this group of drugs, dihydroergotamine® (DEA) is most effective, which is usually prescribed in 1 ml intravenously, intramuscularly or subcutaneously. Patients can subcutaneously administer the drug themselves. DEA can be used at a dose of 4 mg / ml as a nasal spray and sublingual.

Spray nasal prescribed 0.5 mg – one injection into each nostril with a single repetition after 15 minutes.

DEA does not have the same rapid effect as quick-acting triptans, but causes more persistent relief of pain. Ergotamines are contraindicated in patients with diseases of the heart and peripheral vessels, as well as the presence of risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.

Patients with ischemic bowel disease or Raynaud syndrome should also avoid using ergotamines. Patients taking triptans, you can use the DEA no earlier than 24 hours after their admission. DEA is most commonly used by patients suffering from uncoupled, severe or prolonged migraine attacks that are not treatable with triptan.

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