Depression, obesity in patients with migraine headache

About 37,000 Canadians over the age of 15 participated in a worldwide combined mental health study conducted by the Canadian Public Health Service.

Migraine is highlighted as a comorbid disorder in the structure of such nosologies as major depression, bipolar disorder, panic disorder and social phobia, each of which occurs twice as often in patients suffering from migraine.

A survey of patients suffering from chronic pain, 35% of whom complained of pain in the head and neck, revealed a higher pain intensity in individuals with a high body mass index. Overweight patients more often than others complained of pain, dramatically reducing the ability to work, and mental disorders.

Examination of patients suffering from chronic headaches, showed the relationship between frequent migraines and overweight. A selective survey of adults did not reveal an absolute relationship between weight category and the presence of migraine, but among those suffering from frequent migraine attacks (episodes of 10-14 days per month), the frequency of obesity was higher.

A similar analysis performed on tension-related headaches did not reveal the relationship between the weight category and the tension headache, including the often occurring one.

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