Data on cerebral energy disorders

Data on violations of cerebral energy metabolism in parkinsonism suggested that patients may have deviations in the SCP topography. These assumptions were confirmed in studies N.V. Ponomareva (1986).

We examined 25 patients with parkinsonism between the ages of 40 to 77 years (mean age 56.4 + 2.5 years), of which 18 men and 7 women who were treated at the clinic of nervous diseases of the IM Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy. Diagnosis carried out by R.A. Kuuzom. All patients are right handed. Disease duration from 1 year to 12 years. Clinical evaluation showed that 7 patients had a rigid-shivering form of the disease, 10 had a mixed form, 3 had a trembling-rigid form, 4 had an akinetic-rigid form and 1 had a rigid one. The predominance of extrapyramidal symptoms on the right was found in 10 people, on the left – in 12, the absence of lateralization of symptoms – in 3.

In neurological status , akinetiko rigid and trembling syndromes appeared on the first plan . Increased muscle tone was found in all patients, hypokinesia and tremor – in most patients. These changes were accompanied by characteristic posture and gait disturbances. Hypomimia, mask-like face, rare flashing were detected. Many patients had a monotonous voice, a fading character of speech.

Autonomic disorders in the form of hypersalivation and greasiness of the skin were in all patients. Mental deviations were manifested by a non-coarse decrease in memory and mood, sleep disturbance, and in some patients (3 patients) a non-pronounced decrease in intelligence.

The development of many atrophic diseases, as shown by the example of Alzheimer’s disease, is associated with acidification of those formations where this process is most intense. Such a decrease in pH leads to an increase in UPP. In parkinsonism, an increase in the average SCP, as well as SCP in the frontal and occipital regions, was found. Most significantly, the SCP is changed in the frontal region, where not only an increase in SCP in monopolar leads, but also an increase in local SCP was detected. Due to this, the SCP difference between the lower frontal and central regions significantly increased. If normally the gradient of SCP between the lower frontal area and the central is negative, then it is positive for parkinsonism.

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