Treatment of post-traumatic headache – principles

Post-traumatic headaches, as a rule, are transient. During the first few weeks of treatment, frequent severe headaches with typical symptoms of migraine, which gradually decrease and acquire the features of tension headaches.

Treatment schemes for post-traumatic headaches should be similar to those for migraine, and with frequent bouts of headaches, prophylactic treatment should be prescribed, and for rare but severe bouts of pain, symptomatic treatment.

Treatment of patients with post-traumatic headaches should be carefully monitored to prevent drug abuse, which can lead to the development of bullying headaches. In addition, patients who complain of deterioration of health or progression of symptoms of post-traumatic headache will require additional examination, the purpose of which is to exclude another pathology (for example, subdural hematoma).

Drugs used for headaches include agents for its relief and prophylactic agents. The optimal choice and adequate prescription of emergency and prophylactic treatment allow maximum control over the course of headaches.

The choice of symptomatic treatment depends on the severity of the headache and the accompanying symptoms of nausea and / or vomiting. Preventive measures are preferred in the presence of comorbid disorders. Currently undergoing clinical trials are symptomatic and prophylactic drugs.

Key points:
• The choice of treatment for headaches depends on the frequency of pain, the severity of symptoms and the presence of comorbid diseases.
• Symptomatic treatment should be carried out with rare headaches, using drugs no more than 3 days a week.
• Prophylactic treatment is prescribed to patients with frequent headaches that do not abuse symptomatic agents.
• Treatment of headaches caused by excessive medication should begin with the abolition of drugs.
• Relief of a migraine attack includes the use of analgesics in combination with caffeine (for mild episodes), triptans (for disabling headaches) and antiemetics (for headaches accompanied by nausea or vomiting).

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