The study of cerebrospinal fluid with headaches in pregnant and lactating mothers

The study of cerebrospinal fluid with headaches in pregnant and lactating mothers

The study of cerebrospinal fluid is a safe and simple method of diagnosis in pregnant women, and indicators such as the level of pressure of the cerebrospinal fluid, the composition of cellular elements and protein do not differ from the general population norm. The results of the analysis of the cerebrospinal fluid are not affected either by the contractile activity of the uterus, or the duration of pregnancy, or the mode of delivery (natural or by caesarean section); therefore, if abnormal test results are detected, they should not be associated with pregnancy.

All patients with headache complaints require careful history taking and physical examination. For proper diagnosis, a general somatic, neurological examination, as well as an examination of the musculoskeletal system is necessary. Special methods of research are shown to separate categories of patients: neuroimaging, blood and spinal fluid tests.

Such “danger signals”, such as a head and / or neck injury, first-time headaches, a change in the habitual nature of headaches, a patient’s age over 50 and the presence of cerebral or focal neurological symptoms, help to identify patients who require additional examination.

Key points:
– Collecting anamnesis – the key to successful diagnosis.

– Keeping a diary allows you to get valuable information about the nature of headaches and used drugs. – Patients whose examination suggests the possibility of secondary headaches may require the appointment of additional methods of examination, such as blood tests, neuroimaging and / or the study of cerebrospinal fluid.
– Patients with secondary headaches during pregnancy and lactation can use neuroimaging.
– Patients who have suffered a mild traumatic brain injury often develop a headache, so it is necessary to assess the severity and degree of influence of the injury.

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