The structure of the white matter of the brain

The brain (encephalon) is the highest organ of the nervous system. The adult h Lovek brain has a weight average of the Individual in 1375 and RIATS brain weight up to 900 to 2000 white solid g. weight in both hemispheres of the cerebrum is 465 g, and the volume – 445 cm . It is formed from myelinated nerve fibers, among which projection, associative, and commissural fibers are distinguished. Prospect ofektsionnye fibers provide two-way communication with all bark p CEPT of ramie of the body and all the working bodies. Projection nerve fibers are divided into ascending and descending. Rising fiber Ser and  nyayut hemispheres with the underlying cortex and transmitting centers, and m pulses to the cortex and descending fibers transmit information from the cortex to nizherasp of false brain structures and working bodies. Associative and Komi with suralnye fibers combined hemispheres cortex, with sp point e of a function in an integrated dynamic system. All three types of fiber in the composition is white on the first substance of the hemispheres is difficult to intertwine with each other. The largest commissural fibers – the corpus callosum, the formation is elongated length of 7 – 9 cm. Code refers to the white to e exists brain, as well as the olfactory brain. It represents a lot of about bent elongate strand, consisting of almost the entire longitudinal projection n GOVERNMENTAL fibers. The vault, using powerful projection fibers, connects the olfactory brain (hippocampus, parahippocampal cord and lina), thalamus, hypothalamus, and midbrain.

The structure and function of the trunk. The brain is subdivided into the brain stem, the cerebellum and the large brain. Brain stem – is prodolgov and fifth brain, bridge, midbrain and diencephalon (thalamus, metatal and ICC epithalamus and hypothalamus). The bridge and cerebellum make up the hind brain. The hindbrain along with the medulla oblongata represent the rhomboid brain.

The brain stem spinal cord is an extension, there are nuclei of cranial nerves, reticular formation structure venom p nye formation relevant to a broad range of somatic reflexes and autonomic provide you with Shih central nervous system functions. In addition, through the barrel mo of hectares are ascending and descending routes linking it to the spinal cord and brain.

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