Strokes in patients with migraine headache

In general, patients suffering from migraine with aura, the risk of stroke is much higher than in patients without headaches, with migraine without aura, the degree of risk does not increase. An extensive prospective study of women’s health (N = 39.876) revealed a relationship between migraine and stroke.

Practically healthy women working in the field of medicine and not suffering from cardiovascular diseases took part in this study. They were observed for 9 years, tracking the development of cerebral circulatory disorders and other vital states. The incidence of ischemic stroke significantly prevailed among women suffering from migraine with aura.

Even in spite of the fact that the likelihood of developing cerebrovascular disease is higher among patients suffering from migraine with aura, these patients rarely have strokes, which is explained by the overall low risk of developing strokes among the young adult population.

According to a study of the health of women mentioned above, the prevalence of ischemic stroke is 9 cases per 10,000 women who do not have migraines per year compared to 12 cases per 10,000 women with migraines.

Understanding the significance of this risk factor is important from the point of view of the possibilities of correcting modifiable risk factors, such as hypertension, obesity, elevated cholesterol levels and smoking, among patients suffering from migraine with aura. Moreover, patients suffering from migraine with aura, should limit the use of oral contraceptives, further increasing the risk of ischemic stroke.

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