Increased SCP during stuttering

An increase in UPP during stuttering indicates a decrease in pH in most areas of the brain. The supposed mechanism of this process is associated with the increased role of anaerobic oxidation and the consequent increase in lactate and other acidic metabolic products at the BBB border. With acidosis, the respiratory chain of the mitochondria is disturbed and the formation of free oxygen radicals is enhanced. In addition, the concentration of the antioxidant glutathione decreases under the influence of lactate in astrocytes, as a result of which the level of oxidative stress also increases in astrocytes and in neurons (Y. Koyama et al., 2000). Acidification of the brain in case of logoneurosis may be a consequence of stress (section 6.6)), as well as changes in the regulation of local cerebral blood flow. Lactic acidosis provokes anxiety, which intensifies speech disorders in patients (RA Buist, 1985). An increase in SCP was also found in other types of neurotic disorders (EA Korabelnikova et al., 2000).

Let us consider in more detail the individual characteristics of the parameters of SCP in patients with stuttering. Most of them met with two types of disorders: the already mentioned increase in SCP in monopolar leads and a change in local SCP in the right temporal region, which was more often than normal, although in about a third of all cases of SAR disorders in this area decreased. In general, in the group of patients, the dispersion of local SCP values ​​in the right temporal region was significantly greater than normal. This fact speaks of two types of disturbances in energy metabolism in the temporal region, probably due to a violation of the LMC. In patients with stuttering with an increase in local SCD in the right temporal region, circulatory insufficiency and accumulation of lactate are most pronounced. In patients with a decrease in SCP below normal, a decrease in the activity of neurons in this area is likely to occur.

So, stuttering is a cerebral pathology, the development of which depends on genetic and environmental factors. Stress plays an important starting role in the manifestation of stuttering. In patients as a result of dysfunction of the dopaminergic systems of the brain and their interaction with other neurotransmitter systems, hemispheric and cortical subcortical relationships are disturbed. According to the analysis of SCP, during stuttering, violations of CSF and acidification of brain structures are observed, which can help maintain a high level of anxiety.

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