Between migraine and depression, a connection was found

The authors of the study analyzed data of 588 patients with migraine. Scientists have collected information on the frequency of seizures, the presence or absence of an aura (associated with a seizure of neurological symptoms), the quality of sleep, and the standard testing of participants for symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The analysis showed that there is a direct relationship between the rate of seizures and mental disorders. Patients who suffered from migraine for most of the month showed maximum scores on a scale of depression and anxiety. The fewer seizures occurred, regardless of whether they were accompanied by an aura or not, the less anxious and depressive the participants were.

The results of the study also showed that insomnia affects the mentality of patients with migraine. The worse was the quality of sleep among the participants, the more points they scored on the scale of depression and anxiety.

The authors of the study note that therapy that helps to reduce the frequency of migraine attacks, in parallel will improve the mental state of patients.

local_offerevent_note May 29, 2018

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