Suppression of the feminine from a very long time associated with the consumption of alcohol. One of its manifestations was the restriction of alcohol consumption by men. According to Levin, women in ancient Rome were not allowed to drink wine.

When his wife Ignatia Mezenia drank wine from a keg, he beat her to death. He was later acquitted. Pompilius Faun spotted his wife to death for drinking his wine. And another Roman, quite notable, was sentenced to starvation only because she opened a cupboard where the keys to the wine cellar were kept.

The hatred of the dominion style towards a woman, the general ambivalence towards sex and sexual preoccupation, as well as alcohol culture – all this created the purely neurotic approach to sexuality that characterizes European civilization. Hallucinogenic orgies have disappeared, dissolving the boundaries of consciousness, limiting the individual’s ego and reaffirming the values ​​of the extended family and tribe.

The masters ’answer to the need to free themselves from sexual tension with the help of alcohol are dance halls, brothels and the officially established development of a new subclass – the so-called leading women. The prostitute is a kind of convenience for the style of dominion, with its fear of the woman and aversion to her; alcohol and its social institutions create a social space in which this fascination and aversion can be expressed without any responsibility.

It is difficult to talk about this topic. Millions of men and women consume alcohol, so I will not make friends by expressing the view that alcohol culture is not politically correct. However, how to explain the tolerance of the law to alcohol, the most destructive of intoxicants, and just mad efforts to ban almost all other means? Maybe we are ready to give the terrible tribute that alcohol requires, because it allows us to maintain a repressive style of dominion, leaving us all the role of infantile and irresponsible participants in this world, with its trade in unsatisfied sexual fantasies?

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