The effect of headache on the ability to work

The effect of headache on the ability to work

The World Health Organization has listed migraine in the list of 20 diseases that cause disabilities in the world. Among these diseases, migraine is ranked 12th among women and 19th among both sexes.

3/4 working adults report a disability associated with migraine with an average duration of 4.4 days per year. Migraine significantly worsens family and social relationships.

Disability due to migraine:

1. Violations of family or community planning: 32%
2. Disruption of family or social activity for more than 3 days in the last 3 months: 19%
3. A moderate or pronounced decrease in the degree of household activity: 85% 4. The deterioration of relationships with children: 63%
5. Due to migraine, the child skips school or is behind in development: 19%

As part of the study of concomitant headaches among the adult population, comorbid conditions were found in persons suffering from migraine (N = 317), non-migraine headaches (N = 400) and without headaches (N = 4767). According to the study, somatic and psychological disorders are more characteristic of patients with headaches.

The most common comorbid diseases were chronic pain syndromes of other sites (primarily pain in the joints, neck and back), increased anxiety, mood disorders and arterial hypertension.

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