Space-time analysis of SCP

SCP, as well as EEG and EP, undergoes temporary and spatial analysis. Unlike other electrophysiological indicators, the soft starter has a single characteristic – the amplitude, expressed in millivolts. The shift of this amplitude, which develops under the influence of various functional loads or biorhythms, is also estimated.

Spatial analysis of SCP is carried out using mapping, in which mathematical methods are used to extrapolate the SCP values ​​recorded in separate regions to other parts of the head. In electroencephalography, as well as in PET and other methods of computer visualization, the values ​​of various indicators (spectral power, emission intensity, etc.) are presented in color or shades of gray. The mapping of soft starters follows the same principle. Red color corresponds to the highest SCP values, blue – to the lowest. This makes it possible to present an integral picture of the distribution of SCP at a certain point in time in the brain regions.

Correlation analysis is carried out between the SCP indicators in different leads in the case when a person has enough data for continuous analysis of SCP for conducting such an analysis. It is also possible to consider the correlation relationships between the leads of the SCP using data obtained in a homogeneous group of subjects, since such an analysis allows us to identify some common patterns for this population. Correlation analysis allows us to assess the conjugation of changes in SCP in various parts of the brain, which exists normally and is disturbed during pathological processes.

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