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Recommended painkillers to relieve migraine attacks
For your convenience, here is a list of painkillers that are registered in Russia and can be used to relieve migraine attacks. Read more about the choice of drugs and the rules of their admission.
In the case of single-component preparations, we indicate the chemical (international) names of the active substances, and in parentheses we give the most popular trade names in Russia. For the combined drugs in parentheses give the composition.
Pay attention to the composition of drugs, if you are allergic to any drugs or you are taking drugs that are not compatible with any of the painkillers.

Nonspecific painkillers
Single-component (simple) analgesics:
• acetylsalicylic acid (“Aspirin”; “Upsarin”, 500 mg) – 1000 mg is needed;
• Ibuprofen (Nurofen, 200 mg; Nurofen Forte, 400 mg; Mig-200; Mig-400; Ibuprofen; Advil) – 600–800 mg are needed;
• Naproxen 250 mg (“Bonifen” 275 mg, “Bonifen-Forte” 550 mg) – 500-750 mg is needed.

Less preferred:
• Acetaminophen (“Paracetamol”);
• Ketorolac (“Ketanov”);
• Lornoksika (“Ksefokam”; “Ksefokam Rapid”);
• Diclofenac (Voltaren, 50 mg) – 100 mg is needed.

Multicomponent (combined) analgesics:
• “Citramon P” (paracetamol, 180 mg, + caffeine, 30 mg, + acetylsalicylic acid, 240 mg).
• “Askofen P” (paracetamol, 200 mg, + caffeine, 40 mg, + acetylsalicylic acid 200 mg).
• “Migrenol”, “Panadol extra” (paracetamol, 500 mg, + caffeine, 65 mg).

Less preferred:
• Pentalgin N (metamizole sodium, 300 mg, + naproxen, 100 mg, + caffeine, 50 mg, + codeine, 8 mg, + phenobarbital, 10 mg).
• “Pentalgin ICN”, “Sedal-M”, “Sedalgin-neo” (metamizole sodium, 300 mg, + paracetamol, 300 mg, + caffeine, 50 mg, + codeine, 8 mg, + phenobarbital, 10 mg).
• “Pentalgin plus” (propifenazone + paracetamol + caffeine + codeine + phenobarbital).
• “New Pentalgin” (paracetamol, 300 mg, + naproxen, 100 mg, + caffeine, 50 mg, + drotaverine, 40 mg, + pheniramine maleate, 10 mg).
• “Caffetine” (propifenazone, 210 mg, + paracetamol, 250 mg, + caffeine, 50 mg, + codeine, 10 mg).

Avoid taking medications:
• “Tempalgin” (metamizole sodium, 500 mg, + triacetonamine-4-toluenesulfonate, 20 mg).
• “Spazmalgon”, “Spazgan”, “He took” (metamizole sodium, 500 mg, + pitofenon, 2 mg, + fenpiverinium bromide, 20 mg).
• Andipal (metamizole sodium, 250 mg, + dibazole, 20 mg, + papaverine, 20 mg, + phenobarbital, 20 mg).

• “Baralgin” (analgin, 2500 mg).
• “Ketorol” (ketanov, 30 mg).

• Voltaren (diclofenac, 50 and 100 mg).
• “Cefecone D” (paracetamol, 100 and 250 mg).
• Indomethacin (50 and 100 mg).

• Voltaren Rapid, sachet (diclofenac potassium).

Prescription painkillers
• Zaldiar (tramadol, 37.5 mg, + paracetamol, 325 mg).
Specific antifungal painkillers
• Sumatriptan:
– “Emigran” in tablets of 50 and 100 mg;
– “Imigran” in the form of a spray, 20 mg (1 dose);
– Amigrenin, 50 and 100 mg (Russia);
– “Sumamigren”, 50 and 100 mg (Poland);
– Sumatriptan, 50 and 100 mg (Russia);
– “Rapimed”, 50 and 100 mg (Iceland).
• Zolmitriptan: Zomig, 2.5 mg.
• Eletriptan: “Relpaks”, 40 mg.
• Naratriptan: Naramig, 2.5 mg.

Ergotamine Derivatives
• “Nomigren” (ergotamine tartrate, 0.75 mg, + caffeine, 80 mg, + propyphenazone, 200 mg, + camilofine chloride, 25 mg, + mecloxamine citrate, 20 mg).
• “Syncapton” (ergotamine tartrate, 1 mg, + caffeine, 100 mg, + dimenhydrinate, 25 mg).
• “Cofetamine” (ergotamine tartrate, 1 mg, + caffeine, 100 mg).
Exercises for the prevention of “anti-migraine” [4]
For migraine, the following types of physical activity are effective:
• General physical activity.
• Exercises for posture correction.
• Restorative exercises for major muscle groups (back, abdominal, arms and legs).
• Special exercises for the neck muscles (including using fitness accessories).
• Exercises for relaxation and normalization of respiratory rhythm.
General exercise
This is the so-called cardio load, which includes various types of physical activity that train the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Walking, running, swimming, cycling and other types of physical education, where the cycle of movement is repeated, are called cyclic loads and have an effective effect on the entire body.

As a result, even short-term, but regular cyclic exercises, the blood supply to all systems and organs is normalized, the psycho-emotional state, as well as the state of the body as a whole, significantly improves. In addition, regular cardiovascular disease has a beneficial “side effect” – helps to reduce body weight, normalizes cholesterol levels.

Dosed walking (Terrenkur) is especially useful when the whole distance is divided into small segments, and the speed of overcoming them alternates: now it is low, then it is high. Training time ranges from 10–15 to 30–40 minutes or more, depending on the physical condition and level of fitness. Such onthe load is shown even to those who have never played sports and do not know where to start. Daily or every other day at alternating paces in a week will make you feel much more cheerful. Using special sticks when walking will help to significantly reduce the load on the spine and emotionally brighten up the workout, bringing diversity to its monotony. It is not for nothing that this type of walking originated in the Scandinavian countries (nordic walking – “Nordic walking”) is so popular in Europe. If it is correct, maintain it constantly. If you have abnormal posture, regularly perform special exercises to correct it. Types of posture are: a – correct; b – kyphosis-lordosis (increased spinal curvature leads to an overload of its cervical and lumbar spine)

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