Additional headache treatments

Methods of complementary and alternative medicine are often used in the treatment of a wide range of diseases and for prophylactic purposes. Based on the name itself, additional medicine is designed to complement traditional methods of treatment, and the basis for alternative therapy is based on approaches that are different from traditional ones. Complementary medicine is widespread, its methods vary depending on the region of the globe.

Different methods of complementary and alternative therapy were investigated for headaches. These methods can be divided into several groups: with high efficiency (comparable to traditional methods of treatment), with average efficiency (lower than that of traditional methods of treatment) and with a lack of effectiveness.

For example, the European Federation of Neuroscience recommends Petasites (butterbur) as a second-line remedy after drugs such as p-blockers, calcium channel blockers and anti-epileptics, and coenzyme Q-10, magnesium sulfate, riboflavin and Tanacetum (pyrethrium chamomile maiden) as a means of prevention of the third line.

Some treatment methods (for example, hypnosis) have good efficacy, although the use of the principles of the old classification is limited to the interpretation of the results of the study of their effectiveness.

Methods of additional and alternative treatment:
1. Acupuncture
2. Aromatherapy
3. Biofeedback
4. Manual therapy
5. Herbal medicine
6. Homeopathy
7. Hypnosis
8. Massage
9. Naturopathy
10. Herbal treatments
11. Reflexology
12. Spiritist treatment
13. Tai chi
14. Traditional Chinese Medicine
15. Yoga Medical professionals should be aware of additional and alternative headache treatments. A recent study revealed that 62% of patients expect from their attending physician recommendations on the use of additional and alternative treatment methods, but only 30% of doctors give such recommendations.

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